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In the framework of the development and activation of banking relations between the Bank of Sudan and the Saudi Arabian Foundation after the lifting of the economic embargo on Sudan, Mr. Hazim Abdul Qader Ahmed, Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan in Riyadh met with Dr. Ahmed Al-Khulaifi, Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.
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Where the opening of a bank account between Sudan and the Kingdom helps to flow the financial accounts of the Sudanese workers in the Kingdom and helps Saudi investors in Sudan to transfer their capital and profits achieved in Sudan.
On the other hand, Mr. Hazem Abdul Qader Ahmed, Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan, received in his office this afternoon Mr. Adnan Ahmed Yousif, Chief Executive Officer of Al Baraka Banking Group Bahrain, former President of the Union of Arab Banks, and discussed ways to activate and strengthen banking / For the need to activate cooperation in the financial and banking with the group. In the same context, called for the importance of benefiting from the decision to lift economic sanctions on the Sudan in the activity of commercial activity and investment to achieve interest, calling for the expansion of the activity of correspondents with Sudanese banks operating in the country. Mr. Mansour Batish, Director of France Bank and Mr. Zafer Diab, General Manager of Capital Intelligence.
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