Social Responsibility Finance

The Bank's interest in social responsibility
The contemporary role of the banks in the financial and economic aspects extends to the social responsibility of dealing with the various activities and activities of the society without regard to achieving profitability as a direct goal.

The social responsibility of the Export Development Bank towards society is reflected in the activities and services it provides in several areas including:

1. Focus on financing projects of collective benefit as mentioned above.
2. Ensure that projects financed by the environment and the public are not adversely affected.
3. The clear contribution to raising the banking and savings awareness to the public, especially in rural areas.
4. Deepening communication with civil society organizations to achieve common goals.
5. Intensive attention to small producers through their guidance and funding.
6. Stimulate the youth segments through the continuity of the opportunity to work at the bank. And provide training opportunities for students.
7. Taking care of the employees of the Bank and their families by supporting many health, recreational and cultural services and supporting social events