The Export Development Bank is considered one of the first banks to be established on the Islamic style in Sudan. It was established in September 1981 and started its activities in 1984.

About EDB

Establishment 30 September 19981
Inauguration 12 September 1984.

Export Development Bank is one of the first banks that originated and practiced the Islamic banking in the Sudan; it was established in September 1981 and commenced business in 1984.

The main objectives of the Export Development Bank are as follows:
- Developing the rights of shareholders and investors.
- Contributing to the development of the Sudanese economy.
- Spread banking and savings awareness in the country.

The Bank seeks to achieve its objectives through the following:
1) Providing diversified and sophisticated banking and financing products to satisfy customer needs, including opening accounts, internal and external transfers, opening credits, issuing letters of guarantee, and financing.
2) Support and finance infrastructure in sectors of the Sudanese economy with particular attention to the export sector.
3. Support and finance vulnerable sectors of society.
4) Keeping up with the technical developments in the banking and financial work in the country.
5) Create the right environment for the employees while working on the development of their banking capabilities through training and increase qualification.
6) Deepening communication with the public through various means to raise awareness of banking and savings.
7) Contributing to the establishment of companies serving the Sudanese economy and supporting its clients.
Bank branches:

The bank has twenty branches and two agencies spread at the most important cities in Sudan


To be the leading bank in export financing and banking services

To offer Export financing and provide best banking services to our clients all over the Sudan using best banking technology. This is to be achieved through well qualified, trained employees using our wide network of correspondents. We are committed to best Islamic banking practices while being devoted to our society for the achievement of a sustained added value to shareholders & partners.


  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Team work
  • Customer focus
  • Excellence
  •  Efficiency
  •  Institutionalization

Strategic goals

  • Maximizing the return of equity shareholders.
  • Improving the bank's competitive position in the banking market
  • Expanding export financing and providing fast and distinct banking and financing services.
  • Compliance with Shariah , institutional control standards and best banking practices.
  • Create and improve the work environment  and raise the capabilities of employees


The composition of the shareholders of the Export Development Bank:

The shareholders of the Export Development Bank amounted to 11,000 shareholders, who constitute a diverse composition of local and foreign private companies, equivalent to 87% of the total shareholders, while government agencies own 9%, including the Central Bank of Sudan, National Social Insurance Fund, and individuals representing 10% of the total shareholders


Mr. Sidig Adam Abdalla                             Chairman
Mr. Wagdi Mirghani Mahgoub                      First Deputy Chairman
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Adam                           Second Deputy Chairman
Mr. Musa Adam Hassan                             Director
Mr. Ibrahim Yousif Mohamed                       Director
Mr. Abdalla Ahmed Ismail                           Director
Mr. Yaseen Idriss Yousif                             Director

Mr. Tagadin Ibrahim Hamid                          Director
Mrs .Amira Bakri Adeel                               Secretary of the Board


The Members of Sharia’ Supervisory Board :

Mr. Abdul-Aziz Alrashid   Mohamed Osman                        Chairman
Dr. Altahir Abdelkarim Sati   Abdelkarim                              Member
Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Abdalla  Rabah                                    Member

Social responsibility

The Export Development Bank's role is not limited to the financial and economic aspect, but extends to social responsibility and sustainable development. The social responsibility of the Export Development Bank towards society is reflected in the activities and services that it provides in many areas, including:

-Based on its pioneering role in social responsibility and sustainable development, and its belief in supporting development projects in the country, the Export Development Bank has distinguished itself in many activities and services that give it a pioneering character. It has participated in financing some national projects with a social dimension, such as the El Fisher Kutum Road, which is located in North Darfur. . He also established many bridges, crossings, dams, reservoirs, hospitals and veterinary centers, in addition to his contribution to electricity, education and rural development projects.

-The Bank is keen to deepen communication with civil society organizations to achieve common goals, and it clearly contributes to raising banking and savings awareness to the public, especially in the countryside. In addition, the Bank has a clear role in financing and guiding small producers, as well as supporting young people by training students and providing job opportunities for the distinguished among them.



Correspondent Network

Correspondent Network

Executive Management

Omar Abdul Shafi Rajab

Deputy General Manager

EL-Abbass Ali Yahya EL-Abbass

Assistant Director General for Management

Osman Mohamed Elhassan Elaas

Assistant General Manager