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The Arab Monetary Fund paid a visit to the Export Development Bank and met with the executive management of the bank. The delegation represents economists from the Economic and Technical Department of the Fund headed by the Loans and Economic Programs Section.

Al Nour Abdel Salam, General Manager of Export Development Bank, reviewed the objectives and activities of the bank and its role in the development and export of the country. He said that the bank's vision of "leading in export financing and banking services" and its message confirms the bank's interest in exports and infrastructure, through its attention to export issues is one of the most important concerns of the Export Development Bank, which enabled it to take the lead among the Sudanese banks in terms of support and development For this sector.


Despite many obstacles facing Sudan's non-oil exports, the Bank's efforts are increasing day by day to support the export and export sector in response to the national necessity of developing Sudanese exports.
The General Manager  reviewed the economic and monetary policies of the State and the obstacles faced by the export of multiple fees and the status of Sudan in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism and economic embargo, which in turn affected the correspondents' relations with Sudanese banks.