About EDB

Establishment 30 September 19981
Inauguration 12 September 1984.

Export Development Bank is one of the first banks that originated and practiced the Islamic banking in the Sudan; it was established in September 1981 and commenced business in 1984.


The main objectives of the Export Development Bank are as follows:
- Developing the rights of shareholders and investors.
- Contributing to the development of the Sudanese economy.
- Spread banking and savings awareness in the country.

The Bank seeks to achieve its objectives through the following:
1) Providing diversified and sophisticated banking and financing products to satisfy customer needs, including opening accounts, internal and external transfers, opening credits, issuing letters of guarantee, and financing.
2) Support and finance infrastructure in sectors of the Sudanese economy with particular attention to the export sector.
3. Support and finance vulnerable sectors of society.
4) Keeping up with the technical developments in the banking and financial work in the country.
5) Create the right environment for the employees while working on the development of their banking capabilities through training and increase qualification.
6) Deepening communication with the public through various means to raise awareness of banking and savings.
7) Contributing to the establishment of companies serving the Sudanese economy and supporting its clients.
Bank branches:

The bank has twenty branches and two agencies spread at the most important cities in Sudan