Terms and Conditions of Service:
1 - To receive the SMS service
Request an account with the bank.
2 - If there is more than one account for the client (different number) and want to obtain special information
Of the Development Bank provided by SMS through a SMS service
Separate request for that account.
3. The Bank shall approve the telephone number of the SMS Service Provider's request for SMS
Development of exports only. I'm a teal
Of the Sadar Development Bank. (SMS) SMS service
4- In the case of closing the account according to the rules and regulations governing the work of bank accounts or due to the breach
(SMS) on the conditions that poison the SMS service
The bank may cancel the service without any bank official, and give the reasons.
5. The Bank reserves the right to refuse any new application and may withdraw all rights and privileges relating to the Service
From the SDC at any time with the reasons given. (SMS) SMS messages
By calculating the reception fee (Service Provider)
6. The operator shall operate the customer's telephone service
Messages (SMS) messages
Of the Sadar Development Bank. (SMS) SMS messages
7. The Bank shall not bear any liability for any failure to perform any transaction
Sufficiently (Service Provider) management of the bank or within the responsibility of the telecommunications companies service provider
The arrival of messages for some reason in the messaging service system of telecommunications companies operating in Sudan and abroad or for any reasons
8. The Customer shall notify the Bank immediately in the event of loss or theft of the mobile device or slide
Of Development Bank is in the lead and suspends the service, and compensates (SMS) SMS service
The bank accountant for all losses and errors.
9. The Bank is not responsible for the misuse of the service by the customer's telephone, which is included in the service
Of the Sader Development Bank, and the Customer undertakes a full and irrevocable undertaking not to request the Bank (SMS) for the messages
(The Bank) shall not be liable for any judicial compensation or accountability resulting from the normal use of the SMS shore
Of the Sadar Development Bank. (Cmz) short
10 - Evaluation of sending messages from the customer's mobile phone with the bank to the pricing of services
(Provider Service) of your local service provider
11. The Bank reserves the right to change and amend these Terms and Conditions.
These Terms and Conditions shall be construed and subject to the laws of the Republic of the Sudan and to the courts of the Sudan
I'm Not That.
I am aware of the terms and conditions of the SMS service
I develop, agree, and abide by.
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