Performance Monitoring

                              Monitoring financial and accounting performance
Objectives of the Department of Finance and Accounting:

The overall objective of the Department of Financial and Accounting Affairs is to assist the senior management of the Bank in securing the optimal use of human, material and technical resources. Providing accounting information in an integrated and accurate manner and in the appropriate time period for each of the banking activities to achieve the following:
1. Assist the Bank's senior management and offices in preparing their annual work plan and the necessary human, material and technical resources.
2. Assist the senior management in following up the implementation of the annual plan of the bank and the proposal.
3. The financial statements of the Bank as required by the Board of Directors and the Central Bank of Sudan.
4. The periodic financial information of the senior management and what is required by the relevant third parties.
5. Optimize the overall material resources of the bank to achieve the objectives of the unified plan.