Retail Investment Accounts

Namaa Custom Investment Deposit:
An investment deposit that allows capital holders to invest money in the form of Mudarabah, in return for the client receiving a percentage of the profits and the proceeds of this investment. Minimum investment deposit of Nama investment is 50 thousand pounds, the investment period is one year renewable.
Namaa Continuing Investment Deposit
Investment Deposit I'm a Good. Minimum deposit of five thousand pounds for deposit. Investment period: six months or a year, renewable.

Characteristics of Nama Investment Deposits
• Fully compliant with Islamic Sharia.
• Very competitive profitability ratio.
• Available in local currency and foreign currencies.
• Payment of profits on a monthly basis.
• The deposit can be withdrawn in full and is due for profit after 3 months of deposit and profits are calculated at the end of the year.
• Salafiya grants on profit after 3 months from the date of deposit are settled at the last time.
• Accepting the deposit to guarantee the financing provided to the customer.

Investment savings deposits
• The minimum deposit savings amount of 500 pounds.

• Inform the customer of the deposit terms form containing the rights of the deposit holder and general provisions.
• The client signed a request to link the investment deposit containing the basic data of the applicant.
• Opening a current account or saving is added and then the deposit is established.

Account benefits
1. Shariah-compliant investment.
2. A flexible account that provides regular returns to customers.
3. Ability to withdraw at any time using ATM card.

Other services and facilities
1. Obtain a periodic statement of account.
2. Accepting cash deposits and checks in all branches of the bank.
3. Possibility of switching from one account to another.