Corporate Investment Accounts

Deposit services for the corporate sector:
In addition to its primary role in providing financing, the company provides its clients with the service of opening their own accounts, which offer advantages to help them manage their daily business and meet their aspirations and needs. Banking and investment through the following accounts:
Current account:

- Easy to open account at any of our branches spread inside and outside Khartoum. - To carry out withdrawals and deposits to the current account through any of our branches .- Payment of bills and the work of remittances and deposit checks collection .- Issuance of a check book. - Opening accounts in foreign currencies.
- Preference in granting financing to the company or institution to which the bank's financing conditions and policies apply and which are appropriate to the policies and instructions of the Central Bank in this regard. - Follow up the movements of the account through the issuance of account statements for the current account when needed at any time.