The current account enables you to safely, efficiently, and easily manage your wealth. The current Account also gives you access to a set of excellent services like checkbook.

Current Account

Advantages of the Current Account:

1. Accessible: it can be easily opened at any branch you prefer from our widespread network in the capital city and the states.

2. Issuance of Checkbook.

3. ATM card that give you access to your account throughout the day as well as other advantages.

4. Execution of standing orders.

5. Issuance of detailed bank statements.

6. Possibility of making banking transactions.

7. Availability of Safe Deposit Boxes.

8. E-Banking services like: drawing from ATM, e-payment of bills in addition to other mobile banking services.

 Eligibility Requirements:

· Age must not be less than 18 years.

Required Documents:

1. Valid Business license or salary certificate (in case of salary certificate a copy of the certificate of incorporation for the issuing organization should be attached).

2. ID (a valid magnetic ID card or passport and National ID number) in addition to a copy of the Nationality Certificate.

3. Names and full address including telephone numbers of two reference persons.

4. Minimum deposit of 3,000 SDG.

5. Any other documents requested by the bank

Saving Account

Advantagesof the Saving Account:

1. ATM card issuance.

2. Cash withdrawal and depositing at any of our Bank’s branches widespread in the country.

3. Drawing from ATMs 24 hours a day.

4. Accepting transferred salaries and pensions.

5. Possibility of payment of bills, money transfer, and collecting checks.

6. Issuance of bank statements.

Investment Account (Time deposit)

Advantagesof the Investment Account:

1. Accepting transferred salaries and pensions.

2. Adding the value of collected checks.

3. Issuance of bank statement.

4. Receiving loans against the investment account balance as collateral.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. The saving account is exclusive to physical persons only.

2 . No checkbook is issued for this account.

3.Minimum deposit to be determined by the bank.

Current account

 Easy to open account at any of our branches spread inside and outside Khartoum. 

To carry out withdrawals and deposits to the current account through any of our branches

Payment of bills and the work of remittances and deposit checks collection .- Issuance of a check book. - Opening accounts in foreign currencies

Preference in granting financing to the company or institution to which the bank's financing conditions and policies apply and which are appropriate to the policies and instructions of the Central Bank in this regard

Follow up the movements of the account through the issuance of account statements for the current account when needed at any time.

Electronic payroll service

Corporate and institutional service benefits:
• Opening current employee accounts.
• Extending the circle of service, which is available through our ATM network deployed in the country.
• Save time and money spent monthly on payment settlement.
• Reduce the risk of carrying cash.
• Save the cost of printing checks.
• Get quick payment settlement reports.

Cardholder Benefits:
• The opportunity to open an account with the bank and to benefit from banking and finance services.
• Easy access to the account anytime, anywhere through ATMs.
• Ease of dealing with various points of sale.
• Fast and easy payment process.

Required for service:
• Having an account for the company in one of the branches of the bank or (opening a new account) and facilitating the opening of the account.
• Open accounts for employees
• Sign the service agreement.

How to subscribe
Easy for companies and organizations to subscribe to this service! To find out more, please contact us by phone or e-mail or visit any of our branches throughout the country.

Deposit services for the corporate sector

In addition to its primary role in providing financing, the company provides its clients with the service of opening their own accounts, which offer advantages to help them manage their daily business and meet their aspirations and needs. Banking and investment through the following accounts

auto cheque collection

It is a special service provided by the Export Development Bank to its
corporate clients and business names The self-collection service is a check
scanner that enables customers to collect their checks through the smart
clearing system from their workplace Self-collection service means saving time
and more security