This sections includes all services that are made for you to enjoy fast , high and easy banking experiences


Definition: It is a service for the payment of financial obligations and provides multiple opportunities with regard to collecting the value of POS operations automatically.

Target segments: companies and traders in all markets and sectors.


-       Reducing cash handling.

-       Simplify the process of making purchases for customers.

-       Increase merchant sales.

-       Assist the merchant in printing daily sales reports.

-       Helping customers not to carry cash.


It is a plastic card linked to a phone number and does not require an account for its holder.
Target segments: Categories outside the banking sector.
Reducing cash handling.
Limit the risk of theft or loss of money.
- Purchasing the various services from the ATM channels and the widespread points of sale.
Not linked to a bank account.

Auto cheque collection

It is a special service provided by the Export Development Bank to its
corporate clients and business names The self-collection service is a check
scanner that enables customers to collect their checks through the smart
clearing system from their workplace Self-collection service means saving time
and more security


It is an application that allows the customer to access his account and enjoy various banking services through it without fatigue and effort.
Target segments: individuals and business names (smartphone owners).
Reducing cash handling.
- Financial transfer services inside and outside the bank.
- Purchase of services (electricity, credit).
Paying bills for telecommunications services.


It is a merchant-class application where all banking transactions are carried out through a network of banking agents.
Target segments: individuals and bank account holders.
- Providing withdrawal and deposit service through the agent.
- Financial transfer services inside and outside the bank.
- Purchase of services (electricity, credit).
Paying bills for telecommunications services.


It is a service that allows customers to pay university admission fees through the branch, ATM, or mobile banking


It is a service that allows customers to follow up on their account balances through a message sent to the customer's phone, including the debit and addition movements made by the customer.


It is a service that allows customers to pay government transactions through the branch, ATM, or mobile banking

The customs

t is a service that allows customers to pay customs duties through the branch, ATM, or mobile banking.


Cards are products that are used to access and maintain your account easy through all channels


Corporate Card: It is a bank card issued to companies and business names through which banking transactions are conducted through all electronic payment channels

credit card

Bank cards are one of the most important means of providing service to customers, as the customer can meet all his needs and enjoy banking services through automated teller machines, widespread points of sale and other various websites

Financial Services

This section includes ready made Islamic financial products in which you can enjoy

Domestic Trade Finance

We have a package of financing offers designed specifically to help your business enjoy all the possible
 advantages in the local markets, where we have offers 
that help you manage your transactions safely, and through short and rewarding loans.

 Finance: individuals, businesses, companies


 For those wishing to increase their income and start small and medium income-generating productive projects, you can obtain a microfinance from the Export Development Bank to be the first building block in building your prosperous future. Our financing for your small project will make your dream a reality and you will become one of the leaders in the development and development

Target groups :
Target groups for microfinance clients from all sectors of society in rural and urban areas (small producers, artisans and handicrafts, small professionals, graduates, heads of families, small farmers, students, pensioners, employees and workers with low incomes) in addition to trade unions and professional associations and owners of technical and creative professions.

Youth Empowerment Program

Realize your dreams with the Export Development Bank. It is the bank that transforms your dreams and ambitions into reality. We are able to bring about the change that will lead you to success. And because young people are the focus of our attention, the Bank has participated in the Youth Empowerment Program for Agricultural Entrepreneurship, by absorbing young graduates into agricultural business incubators for a period of one year, qualifying them and financing them to establish their agricultural businesses.

  Target segment:-

The program targets young people of both sexes in cities and rural areas in the targeted states, and the age group is 18-35 years, with a minimum education level of a diploma system of 3 years.

The general objective of the program:-

Contribute to creating jobs and improving the standard of living for young graduates, in addition to achieving food security for the community.